Groupe HD - Our teams

Our strength as a collective

The real strength of Groupe HD lies in the richness of our expertise. We have put together a team of professionals with diverse skills, giving us a unique, strategy-focused perspective on every aspect of the projects we work on. Because of this specialized know-how, we are agile and creative in our endeavours, and we create value for our clients every step of the way.


Thomas Dufour, CPA, CFA, M. SC.

Co-founder and co-president of Groupe HD, Thomas is responsible for managing and supervising the company’s global operations. He develops investment and financing strategies, while seeing to it that private and institutional partners’ interests are respected in every project. With his experience working for major real estate developers, Thomas ensures the implementation of the strategic vision in the company’s activities, thereby ensuring growth and value creation for Groupe HD and its investors.

Jean-Philippe Hébert

Jean-Philippe has extensive experience in real estate development and asset management. As co-founder and co-president, he is involved in scouting and acquiring high-value lots, all the while heading up development operations. Jean-Philippe is our top reference for anything related to regulations and urban development, and he knows exactly which urban planning trends will optimize the design of high-density projects that meet the needs of the housing market.
Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Danny Galimi, CPA

With over 20 years of experience in corporate and real estate accounting, Danny is known for his administrative thoroughness and ability to effectively manage the operations of development projects. He is responsible for budgets and oversees the activities related to the real estate management of the company’s owned properties. As a management team pillar, Danny actively ensures the optimization of the financial performance of all activities within Groupe HD.
Marketing Communications Director

Isabelle Drolet

Specializing in brand marketing, Isabelle wakes up each day determined to spread the word about Group HD and ensure the brand’s solid position on the market. She is in charge of marketing and promoting each of the real estate projects Groupe HD has worked on, putting her singular strategic vision to use to find new ways to attain the goals she sets. Isabelle is a firm believer in the customer experience, and she goes above and beyond to optimize our client service, making our clients’ satisfaction one of her top priorities.

Construction Praxis

A division of Groupe HD

President, Construction Praxis

François Beaulieu, ing., MBA, CPA

François is a true authority in the field of residential construction. Experienced engineer and tried-and-tested manager, he is as skilled in planning and managing large-scale projects as he is in ensuring their successful delivery. As his resume attests, he has overseen the building of more than 2,500 residential units in the Greater Montreal area. An expert in construction efficiency, François is a precious resource at every stage of a project’s development – from design to construction, he makes sure that engineering services are optimized, operations are efficient and budgets and deadlines are met.
Project Manager, Construction Praxis

Simon Dargis, ing.

As project manager, Simon is responsible for coordinating all construction operations. An experienced engineer with solid on-location expertise, he is particularly skilled at supervising on-site teams, developing construction strategies and optimizing schedules to make sure goals are met. In an effort to optimize costs on all the projects he touches, Simon is always looking to build solid relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, keeping his ear to the ground for the latest on new construction methods and technologies.